Spotted: IT Style

Fashions fade.  Style is eternal”  (Yves Saint Laurent)

Timeless Elegance

Name: Fiona Ferguson

Location: B & T Antiques, 47 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill

Story: Born in Ayr, Scotland.  Has been living in London for 35 years.

Accessories: Necklace (£10 from a stall in Portobello Market), watch (hand me down from daughter),  smile (original)

Style Inspiration: Classic with a twist.  “I like to wear simple clothes, but then add accessories”.

Inside the antiques shop. I want that mirror! I just need to save £1,600!

A lovely, lovely shop. The photos on its website don’t do it justice.

All Photograps via Me

4 thoughts on “Spotted: IT Style

    • Thank you Sundeep! I am hoping it will be a staple. I have always wanted to do this, even before The Sartorialist came on the scene!

      By the way, loooooooove your new pic, i.e., the one on hodge podge! you look amazing! could totally do that photo on ‘spotted:it style’ – haha!….you should make that your ‘about me’ photo too!

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