A Sexy Kind of Crazy

I first heard about Kris Carr on an episode of Oprah to do with death and dying.  Despite the theme of the show, it was one of the most inspirational hours I had ever watched on television (watch the amazing clip here).

My new copy of her latest book

In her early 30s, Kris was diagnosed with a rare and untreatable form of stage 4 cancer. Her future was not promising.  After her ‘wtf’ meltdown, she decided that she would face it head on, completely overhauling her diet and lifestyle, leading to her healing journey.  

She catalogued this journey in an inspiring documetary and  book called Crazy Sexy Cancer, which started an international revolution.  Along the way, she gained many followers and fans, including Sheryl Crow, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra.  Almost a decade on, although she still technically has the tumours, she is healthier than ever before.  One ‘can be healed without being cured’.

Kris believes that we should all ‘aim’ for prevention over early detection (hear it here in her own words).  Thus, her latest book:  Crazy Sexy Diet (foreward by Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California – San Francisco). 

In it, she discusses the vital role the foods we eat play on our level of health.  Although most of us ‘know’ this, her very captivating and refreshing writing style raises our awareness to a whole new level.  Only she can compare our ‘acidic’ fixes to the rebell boyfriend; the one who is always fun and exciting in the short term, but never returns calls and is unreliable in the long term.

Pages 20-21, pHabulous indeed

She explains the  important role of having a slightly alkaline pH Balance, ideally 7, on one’s overall wellbeing.  An acidic environment, which is the result of a western diet, is a breeding ground for cancer cells and other illnesses.  Sugar (and that includes alcohol) is one of the BIG culprits, and actually ain’t that sweet!  One simple way of increasing pH balance is by juicing green drinks.  Green is the new white.  Mooooo anyone? No thanks! (that is a whole other blog entry!)

Pages 104-105, Invest in a great juicer

A home pH balance testing kit

(It’s easy to get your own pH Balance testing kit.  I ordered mine from Amazon.co.uk  or (Amazon.com))

Pages 40-41, What we think 'boosts' us, actually 'hurts' us

Kris Carr, is a true example of what can happen if we turn our circumstances into our defining moments.  For all that, and for having taken her life sentence and turned it into a Crazy Sexy Life instead, her new diet book is actually the ‘it’ life book.

All Photographs via Me

15 thoughts on “A Sexy Kind of Crazy

  1. I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my Q&A with Sundeep!
    As for this post – my sister recently discovered the whole alkaline diet, etc to help her with her psoriasis, it has been amazing to see her heal!

  2. you are so welcome…it is a great blog / entry!….i love your ‘proud to be Canadian’ feel….i am so glad you told me about your sister as i know someone with psoriasis – so will def. tell them about her success story!….i so believe in the whole eating ‘living’ foods and good health link…did your sister follow a certain plan / book?

  3. This is really interesting, and of course it really does make sense. Few people understand the connection between all the artificial crap they put in their bodies and the increase in diseases over the past years. I also think the power of the mind is a big factor here, not surrendering to the disease and instead just set your mind to kicking its butt, I think we have a lot more strength in us than we think we do. 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog 😉
    I really appreciate this info. I’d like to learn more, so I’m going to look into this book. Sounds like really great info to be aware of. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been reading her book and find it insightful. I’m experimenting with changes in my cooking/shopping/eating. Haven’t gotten those pH balance testing strips yet, though!

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