A Royal Affair

Boy meets girl.  Boy likes girl.  Boy marries girl.  Girl becomes ‘it’.

The morning after the night before

One year ago today,  everyone wanted to be a guest at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  I was lucky enough to have front row seats, as a guest of the BBC that is!

Bunting for the special occasion

Setting the London 'scene'

Everything about it was magical.  From the extra Bank Holiday Friday that we were all given off, to the revival in British pride that saw neighbourhoods hosting street parties, you could literally smell English roses everywhere you went!

Outside a pub in Hampstead

And then, the dress. That dress. No matter which angle it was photographed from, it was the perfect dress for the perfect wedding.  Sarah Burton did the late Alexander McQueen proud.  And Kate did her future history proud.  Those photos will live on forever, and with a dress like that, let forever reign!  Happy one year anniversary W & C!

The 'it' couple

Will they? Won't they?

Heston Blumenthal's 'Royal Trifle' for Waitrose - in honour of the special occasion

Quite a 'rich' trifle, rose petals and all!

The morning papers and an amaaazing cup of cappuccino!

Breakfast with the newlyweds

 All Photographs via Me

28 thoughts on “A Royal Affair

  1. What a fun celebration! I watched on TV as well, although sometimes I wanted the commentators to be quiet. Btw, I’m always in awe of people who can arrange the foam on their cappuccino like that

  2. Wait a second, who made that cappuccino? Did you? It’s beautiful. I got myself and young daughter up to watch the royal wedding last year. We had scones and tea and a lovely, lovely time.

    • i think she keeps getting better at it with time…especially the last evening gown she wore hosting the olympians….that was one of the best cappuccinos i have ever had outside of italy…..in fact it makes me want to go back to have it again…ha!

  3. Were you really there? My sister will be so jealous when I tell her! I was in Italy at school on that day and tried to rush home in time to watch (dubbed in Italian, of course) and had to stay late and missed most of it. I would have rather been home in CA and gotten up in the middle of the night to watch!

      • are you kidding? My British boyfriend has labeled me as an Anglophile now! haha…I watched all weekend! Wish I was there but I saw so much just using the computer. I loved the parade more than I expected, he watched (from the UK) with me and told me what all the different military groups were. It was great! I can’t wait to live in England!

        • that sounds great….i went to see the flotilla parade on sunday at it was really special….one of those ‘it happens every 60 years or so’ things!….

  4. I watched it here in the U.S.! My husband thought I was crazy. He just doesn’t get it! Thanks for sharing!

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