I love tea.

The glass teapot

Tea anyone?

Persian Rose Petal Tea (or chai as it’s called – pronounced cha-ee) to Indian Chai  (my grandmother used to make it for me  from her days living in India), relaxing Camomile Tea to healthy Green Tea, fresh Mint Tea and dates to detoxing Nettle Tea, English Breakfast Tea to Earl Grey Tea.  This tea to that tea.  Well, you get the idea.  In fact, I once thought about having a blog about ‘tea’ called…(stay tuned!)

Shall we?

A colourful treat

In particular, I love drinking it when it is pretty to look at.  Half the experience is in the eyes.  That is why I love the glass teapot.

Too steamy!

It is a simple, sensible and modern design.  It’s perfectly pleasing on the eyes, especially for drinking herbal teas (imagine the beauty of a Jasmine flower blooming in the hot water).  And it makes an ordinary experience feel like an extraordinary one.  The glass teapot, very ‘it’ indeed. Oh, and I just LOVE IT.

You can get yours here or here.

All photographs via Me

35 thoughts on “LOVE IT

  1. Tea is comfort “food.” A friend recommended Three-Leaf tea to help with sleep, and it is very relaxing. It’s a couple of years old now, but I wrote a story that made it into Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover’s Soul. Here in Hawaii we love tea, too, and there are several restaurants that offer special tea service (with the bite-sized sandwiches and sweets). And, yes, that is a gorgeous glass teapot.

      • Ooops, I should have said Triple Leaf Tea, Inc., which is the name of the company. It’s their Relaxing Tea. As for the story, you can find the book in most bookstores, I think, and just read the story (My Mother’s Tea Set) while standing in the aisle. There are a lot of other great tea stories in the book, and all Chicken Soup stories are pretty short. Unfortunately, they don’t put them online.

  2. Love the tea pot… you cannot beat a good cuppa…There is a company in Australia who have the best green tea called Gorgeous Geisha infused with strawberries, It is great…. Together with a berry muffin, it is the best morning tea!

  3. I love the glass teapot!! Amazing 🙂 I love those teas you get in chinese restaurants that are in shape of flowers which open up as the water heats them – that would be amazing in one of these 🙂

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