SPOTTED: IT Style ~ no. 3

“Fashion is architecture:  it is a matter of proportions.”  (Coco Chanel)

Name: Felipe Hecherm

Location: RAFFLES night club (present: the Prince of Brunei in the VIP area)

Story: Born in Mexico City.  Has been in London for 7 months and is studying Urbanism at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Wearing: Head to toe H & M and a Gin and Tonic.

Style Inspiration: ‘Buy what you like’

All Photographs via Me

10 thoughts on “SPOTTED: IT Style ~ no. 3

    • Well, actually, whilst i was busy interviewing IT Style no. 3, security came over to my friend (the pink girl in the background) and said that the Prince wanted her to go to his table!!! This friend of mine has such an aura about her that everywhere we go, she is ‘IT’ – in fact, i will be blogging about her one day soon, as i want to find out where it all comes from. Her confidence is unlike anything you have witnessed before! In the end, we didn’t end up going over, as we felt it would be awkward – let’s just say he has a ‘reputation’. Ha!

  1. He definitely goes to architecture school, the bow tie is a massive giveaway! Great outfit, what’s Raffles like for a night out? x

    • ha ha….re Raffles…it depends…i love the size and layout of the venue and the dance floor is very cool – very 70’s disco with lights changing…but the music is hit and miss depending on the DJ..

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