The Sartorialist: A Dialogue

Something interesting happened in the blogosphere with yours truly, and I thought I would take a moment from my ‘no-blogging-this-diamond-jubilee long weekend’, to report on it.  Here it goes:

It all started with some comments I submitted to The Sartorialist regarding this particular photograph of a skateboarder.

For those of you who have not heard about  The Sartorialist (no excuses, it’s on my IT  Blogs list!), it’s the avant-garde style blog that was started by Scott Schuman in 2005.  Whether you are a design blogger, fashion student, photographer in the making, or simply a life lover, The Sartorialist should be on top of your daily blogs list.  Out of the gazillion blogs out there, he has nailed it like no other.

With loyal followers in the ‘too many to mention’ and the fashion world at his fingertips (the ‘who’s who’ of the industry checks out his daily photos for inspiration, not to mention bestowing upon him last night’s CFDA accolade), The Sartotialist is in a league of his own. 

Knowing all this, I was incredibly surprised and flattered when he took the time to re-post and interpret ‘that’ photograph in response to my very own comments! I thoroughly enjoyed reading his response, and while we may have different points of view, I was excited at the dialogue it created between myself and a blogger I greatly admire, as well as many of his followers.

You can view the entry here to read my paraphrased comments (my original comments were not published), The Sartorialist’s response, my new comment (written whilst half asleep!), and of course, to see the photograph that started it all.

Although I can write a Ph.D. thesis to clarify my original comments (insert wink here)and respond to some of the assumptions made via some readers (and another one here), reading many of the comments makes one thing clear; no matter what we each see in the photograph, its most beautiful aspect is the interpretation it leaves open to us all.

And that kind of a dialogue is an ‘it’ thing.

20 thoughts on “The Sartorialist: A Dialogue

  1. It is great to have someone you admire write you and/or respond to something you have said. It is quite a fantastic feeling. Even just get a notification or some sort of acknowledgement is grand. Having a conversation is quite high up on the “Feel good” charts.


  2. That’s so awesome! That happens to be one of my favorite sites. I think it’s great that you got a response. Congrats on getting the conversation going!

    • thanks….i do really love his blog but lately i had noticed that his ‘identity’ was changing and that photo did it for me….had to say something – ha…but he was so gracious about it….

  3. Thanks for “liking” my post 🙂 I’m enjoying what you’ve got going on here as well. And to have a prestige blog like The Sartorialist reinterpret what you had to say is pretty amazing! Keep it up!

  4. I LOVE it when people express their opinion tastefully. Good for you!
    And for those who called you Naysayer or Hate, well that’s a little too boring. The Sartorialist is a good site, not a cult but some visitors seem to act like it is…, ah! that’s boring 😉

    I really think that sometimes people are too either polite or have no idea or ignorant or don’t have their own taste in things. They do not express their opinion, when opinion is due. And often enough, they praise for something that doesn’t even there. This doesn’t help anybody in anyway, in my opinion. For some, they just like to follow because it is safer to them.

    Well… sorry i’m talking too long here but this topic is kind of push my button.

    Why materialize subjectivity after all?

  5. Completely agree with you, good for you for going against the grain! He definitely struggled to argue against you 😉 x

  6. Hello!
    You created an interesting debate at TheSartorialist, making it an even greater fashion blog! Good for you! and thank you for your sweet comment on our blog! Manela

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