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A Royal Affair

Boy meets girl.  Boy likes girl.  Boy marries girl.  Girl becomes ‘it’.

The morning after the night before

One year ago today,  everyone wanted to be a guest at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  I was lucky enough to have front row seats, as a guest of the BBC that is!

Bunting for the special occasion

Setting the London 'scene'

Everything about it was magical.  From the extra Bank Holiday Friday that we were all given off, to the revival in British pride that saw neighbourhoods hosting street parties, you could literally smell English roses everywhere you went!

Outside a pub in Hampstead

And then, the dress. That dress. No matter which angle it was photographed from, it was the perfect dress for the perfect wedding.  Sarah Burton did the late Alexander McQueen proud.  And Kate did her future history proud.  Those photos will live on forever, and with a dress like that, let forever reign!  Happy one year anniversary W & C!

The 'it' couple

Will they? Won't they?

Heston Blumenthal's 'Royal Trifle' for Waitrose - in honour of the special occasion

Quite a 'rich' trifle, rose petals and all!

The morning papers and an amaaazing cup of cappuccino!

Breakfast with the newlyweds

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A Sexy Kind of Crazy

I first heard about Kris Carr on an episode of Oprah to do with death and dying.  Despite the theme of the show, it was one of the most inspirational hours I had ever watched on television (watch the amazing clip here).

My new copy of her latest book

In her early 30s, Kris was diagnosed with a rare and untreatable form of stage 4 cancer. Her future was not promising.  After her ‘wtf’ meltdown, she decided that she would face it head on, completely overhauling her diet and lifestyle, leading to her healing journey.  

She catalogued this journey in an inspiring documetary and  book called Crazy Sexy Cancer, which started an international revolution.  Along the way, she gained many followers and fans, including Sheryl Crow, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra.  Almost a decade on, although she still technically has the tumours, she is healthier than ever before.  One ‘can be healed without being cured’.

Kris believes that we should all ‘aim’ for prevention over early detection (hear it here in her own words).  Thus, her latest book:  Crazy Sexy Diet (foreward by Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California – San Francisco). 

In it, she discusses the vital role the foods we eat play on our level of health.  Although most of us ‘know’ this, her very captivating and refreshing writing style raises our awareness to a whole new level.  Only she can compare our ‘acidic’ fixes to the rebell boyfriend; the one who is always fun and exciting in the short term, but never returns calls and is unreliable in the long term.

Pages 20-21, pHabulous indeed

She explains the  important role of having a slightly alkaline pH Balance, ideally 7, on one’s overall wellbeing.  An acidic environment, which is the result of a western diet, is a breeding ground for cancer cells and other illnesses.  Sugar (and that includes alcohol) is one of the BIG culprits, and actually ain’t that sweet!  One simple way of increasing pH balance is by juicing green drinks.  Green is the new white.  Mooooo anyone? No thanks! (that is a whole other blog entry!)

Pages 104-105, Invest in a great juicer

A home pH balance testing kit

(It’s easy to get your own pH Balance testing kit.  I ordered mine from Amazon.co.uk  or (Amazon.com))

Pages 40-41, What we think 'boosts' us, actually 'hurts' us

Kris Carr, is a true example of what can happen if we turn our circumstances into our defining moments.  For all that, and for having taken her life sentence and turned it into a Crazy Sexy Life instead, her new diet book is actually the ‘it’ life book.

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Kate’s High (Street)

There are only a handful of living people’s wardrobes I would want to raid (otherwise the list gets too long!): my mother’s wardrobe from the 70’s, Gwyneth Paltrow’s, Olivia Palermo’s, my cousin C’s and without a doubt, Kate Moss’.

Fast forward to Saturday 7 April, 2012.  The Times Magazine.  Cover Story.  Pretty Chic –  Kate Moss does the high street.

Photos not accompanied with an article.  No words needed.  Effortless chic.  High Street and High End.  The ‘it’ girl for organic style.  No one does it better.

Page 47, Looking Good Kate, Looking Good

The Saturday Times Paper and Magazine

Pretty Chic

Kate times three

Page 50, Louis Vuitton, Spring/Summer 2012

Page 51, from Catwalk to High Street (Celine to Zara)

Page 49, dress £22.99 Mango

Page 53, Jacket £79.99, T-Shirt £17.99, and Shorts £22.99, all Mango

Page 48-49, Jacket £44.99 and Dress £22.99, all Mango

All Photographs of Magazine Taken via Me

Cappuccino Alla Cavalli

This entry is courtesy of my dear friend T.S. who has allowed me to re-blog this italian masterpiece.

Via Tornabuoni

In Italy it’s fairly hard to go wrong when you order a cup of cappuccino.

But I can say without hesitation there is one café in Florence, which surpasses all others when it comes to brewing a frothy and creamy cup of perfection.

Owned by famed designer Roberto Cavalli, the Caffè Giacosa is nestled in a cozy side street – 10R Villa Della Spada – just off of the city’s designer shopping strip, via Tornabuoni. Situated right next to the Cavalli store, the café seems quaint from the outside yet impossibly chic and decadent upon entering thanks to the trademark Cavalli leopard and zebra print décor captured in the plush seating as well as the tapestries and picture frames adorning the wall.

Many of the locals sing the praises of the cafés warm beverages as well as their pastries and lunch specials which is a sure sign that tourists are going to be impressed. Should you choose to sit, there is a lovely albeit small patio outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and the passersby. Of course, as with most bars and cafés in Italy, there is an added charge for seating which is why most patrons (particularly the locals) prefer to head indoors and stand at the bar. Upon entering there is a cashier seated near the door, be sure to pay here first and then present your receipt at the bar.

The barista will expertly whip up your cappuccino into a dainty white porcelain cup and right away you’ll notice how delightfully thick and frothy it is on top. But it doesn’t stop there. The finishing touch is to adorn the froth with a swirl of rich dark chocolate syrup in the shape of a “C” (for Cavailli of course). As if being in Italy isn’t already enough, the first taste will feel like a sip of heaven. A touch more creamy than the typical Italian cappuccino, this smooth and milky creation is always served at just the right temperature to please the palate. It’s the perfect perk before a long day of sightseeing or shopping in the city.

Tip: Italians only drink cappuccinos first thing in the morning, but if you wanted to enjoy a cup at the end of the day, no one would blame you!

When it comes to Cappuccino, the Cavalli way seems to be the ‘it’ way.

The Black Bus

One day, I spotted a friend at a bus stop on the high street and she asked me what bus I was waiting for.  My answer: ‘the black bus’, otherwise known as a black CAB.

My other car is a bus.  This is a saying familiar with many Londoners sans ou avec a car.  Transport in this great city is so efficient and well-connected, but born and bred Londoners don’t always appreciate it, thinking the tube is greener on the other side.  But one thing they cannot deny is that no other city boasts as efficient a cab system as the one in London.

Paris: too confusing.  Is it taken or is it available?  By the time you spot the cab, it’s gone.  I remember having this conversation with a Parisian cab driver last year and he said that they are trying to ‘simplify’ the system.  Come on Paris.  You’ve nailed the Michelin star system, how complicated is a 4 letter word on wheels?

Florence:  Cab stands or pre-booked.  Not practical.  Especially for an elegant Italian woman who might have just bought the whole Autumn collection at LuisaViaRoma

New York: Iconic bright yellow, but that’s about it.  Crammed at the back.  Feels like you’ve been arrested and sitting at the back of a police car.

London: Timeless design.  Polite drivers.  Clear system of availability.  Sits 5 comfortably.  Priceless conversations. British accent: bonus.

Did you know that it takes around 3-4 years
to pass The Knowledge test in order to become
a London Cab Driver? Studies have shown that
their brain actually changes physically after
learning The Knowledge.

The Black Bus Next to the Red Bus

It actually DOES feel like home...

On the Mall, by Buckingham Palace

Never a shortage

I’ve probably ridden away a down payment on a flat by now with the myriad of last minute rides I’ve taken.  When it comes to TAXIS, there is NOTHING like the London Black Cab.  

Nothing compares to it.  Nothing.  It’s like having a personal driver at your fingertips.  A very ‘it’ way to travel.

To Read or Not to Read?

The British Library.  The Clinton Library.  The corner bookstore.  None as fashionably stylish and intellectually inspiring as the pop-up Library spotted at Selfridges .  Clever, witty, different.  Just because one can appreciate Manolos on the feet, does not mean one cannot appreciate Sartre on the eyes.  12 January until 1 March, 2012.  A must on the ‘it’ list of places to visit.

A Wallpaper of Books

The Entrance to Words Words Words, the 'Pop-Up' Library

Fashion's IT Female Photographer

It's a Small World - A Fellow Victoria College Alumna

Feels Like Home

Wall of Books

Love These Artistic Covers

Tea at Dolly's

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