The Black Bus

One day, I spotted a friend at a bus stop on the high street and she asked me what bus I was waiting for.  My answer: ‘the black bus’, otherwise known as a black CAB.

My other car is a bus.  This is a saying familiar with many Londoners sans ou avec a car.  Transport in this great city is so efficient and well-connected, but born and bred Londoners don’t always appreciate it, thinking the tube is greener on the other side.  But one thing they cannot deny is that no other city boasts as efficient a cab system as the one in London.

Paris: too confusing.  Is it taken or is it available?  By the time you spot the cab, it’s gone.  I remember having this conversation with a Parisian cab driver last year and he said that they are trying to ‘simplify’ the system.  Come on Paris.  You’ve nailed the Michelin star system, how complicated is a 4 letter word on wheels?

Florence:  Cab stands or pre-booked.  Not practical.  Especially for an elegant Italian woman who might have just bought the whole Autumn collection at LuisaViaRoma

New York: Iconic bright yellow, but that’s about it.  Crammed at the back.  Feels like you’ve been arrested and sitting at the back of a police car.

London: Timeless design.  Polite drivers.  Clear system of availability.  Sits 5 comfortably.  Priceless conversations. British accent: bonus.

Did you know that it takes around 3-4 years
to pass The Knowledge test in order to become
a London Cab Driver? Studies have shown that
their brain actually changes physically after
learning The Knowledge.

The Black Bus Next to the Red Bus

It actually DOES feel like home...

On the Mall, by Buckingham Palace

Never a shortage

I’ve probably ridden away a down payment on a flat by now with the myriad of last minute rides I’ve taken.  When it comes to TAXIS, there is NOTHING like the London Black Cab.  

Nothing compares to it.  Nothing.  It’s like having a personal driver at your fingertips.  A very ‘it’ way to travel.