IT Squared

The ‘it’ IT List 

Savouring ‘one’ macaroon at  Pierre Herme.  Sorry Laduree, I do love you, but when it comes to macaroons, these simply are the best!

Olympic fever in London 2012.  Whatever your team, take note from these guys!

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To Read or Not to Read?

The British Library.  The Clinton Library.  The corner bookstore.  None as fashionably stylish and intellectually inspiring as the pop-up Library spotted at Selfridges .  Clever, witty, different.  Just because one can appreciate Manolos on the feet, does not mean one cannot appreciate Sartre on the eyes.  12 January until 1 March, 2012.  A must on the ‘it’ list of places to visit.

A Wallpaper of Books

The Entrance to Words Words Words, the 'Pop-Up' Library

Fashion's IT Female Photographer

It's a Small World - A Fellow Victoria College Alumna

Feels Like Home

Wall of Books

Love These Artistic Covers

Tea at Dolly's

All Photographs via Me